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The Ultimate Factsheet On Core Clock Vs Boost Clock | 2 Clocks Are Not The Same


Today we are covering up the topic of core clock vs boost clock GPU or CPU. We will be going through some new terms and processes and in the end, we will be answering frequently asked questions about Core Clock vs Boost Clock CPU and Core Clock vs Boost Clock GPU.

The difference between the core clock vs boost clock CPU or core clock vs boost clock GPU

The base clock of a CPU/ GPU means the minimal speed in which it processes its operations. The processor mostly runs on the base clock which projects a standard clock speed without the auto-voltage bump.

Whereas the boost clock elevates the normal speed of the processor to its highest possible speed which is temporary and occurs only when a heavy load is applied on the CPU which tends to increase the power consumption and temperature in addition to auto voltage bump.

The difference between the core clock vs memory clock in a GPU

The memory clock is actually the frequency of the VRAM present on the graphics card, it gives us the number of transfers of data from VRAM to GPU in one second. Whereas the frequency of the actual GPU chip on a graphics card is the core clock, it projects the execution of the amount of instruction by the GPU chip per second.

The difference between boost clock vs overclock

The boost clock is the boost of the processing speed done by the processor automatically itself to provide high performance under heavy load and overclocking means a manual increase in the speed which pushes the processor up to its ultimate limits.

Is higher boost clock better GPU?

Definitely, because the GPU without overclocking with a high boost clock will be very crucial for a graphics card to elevates the performance to the highest point when it is required due to its heavy load this boost of frequency will be an automatic and a safe boost by the GPU itself.

The difference between game clock vs boost clock.

The addition of a new type of clock by AMD which is called the game clock which is presented as the minimal frequency where the pc games are expected to run on, these game clock is typically based on the gaming scenario. Whereas the boost clock is the boost in the frequency of the GPU on heavy load to achieve better performance.

What is MSI afterburner?

It is software that allows users to monitor and control the numerous graphics card functions, which is mostly required to have a check on the running of the graphics card and also to manually overclock the graphics card to enhance the performance.

Core clock or boost clock which clock matters the?

Both core and boost clock matters in a different way, the core clock is provided minimum frequency for most of the computing period but the boost clock provides high frequency fixed time of heavy load so in conclusion core clock vs boost clock which matters isn’t the point, it should be balancing of each other well.


Does boost clock matters in GPU?

Nope, it doesn’t really matter because the GPU boost clock explained by us previously that it can be overclocked manually later. We already discussed Core Clock vs Boost Clock in this article.

What does boost clock means?

The frequency of the card will boost to gain maximum performance automatically. We already discussed Core Clock vs Boost Clock in this article.

What is the difference between clock rate and FLOPS ?

Basically clock rate means the ultimate frequency required carrying out to register the logic and FLOPS (Floating Point Operations Per Second) is the actual rate of exercise carried out. To get more FLOPS the speed of the clock should be more with high power.

What is boost clock of CPU ?

When the CPU is under heavy load to increase the performance the CPU has to operates with ultimate power and so it can choose to boost up its clock speed to 1 or more CPU cores.

  • Is overclocking GPU safe? How do I overclock?

Overclocking GPU is a very unstable exercise carry out on your GPU because it’s totally dependent on how much stress the GPU can carry which is primarily based on the GPU’s capacity, frequency, and power supply which tends to increase the thermal temperature of the GPU which indirectly reduce its life span.

Download MSI afterburner and Click open

Click on the General tab in Afterburner and tick Unlock voltage control, Unlock voltage monitoring, and Force constant voltage.

Click on OK. You have to restart the system

Once you’ve come back from your restart, open MSI Afterburner, and Unigine Heaven again.

  1. This time, reduce the temperature limit to 87 degrees.
  2. You should notice that your power limit (%) slider also goes up.
  3. Put the core voltage (%) slider all the way to the right. The percentage you get will be dependent on your graphics card.
  4. Finally, click the Check button underneath the sliders.

Here’s an image of the settings you should have. These settings ensure you can get the highest clock speed possible while still staying within a safe temperature range.

Stress Testing Your Graphics Card

Now that you have the optimal MSI Afterburner settings, start by moving the core clock (MHz) slider to the right. Add +23 to the number and click the check button.

Next, run Heaven Benchmark 4.0 and click the Benchmark button again. Go through the 26 scenes and wait for your test results. You should notice your score improves slightly from last time.

As you can see from the image below, our first test improved our average frames and test score slightly. You should also see an improvement, and you may notice a 1-2 degree increase in temperature during the test.

This is just the beginning. The next steps will involve you pushing your graphics card to the limit. Follow the steps below to overclock your graphics card to its full potential.

  1. Add an additional 20-30 to your clock speed.
  2. Run Heaven Benchmark 4.0 again
  3. Click the benchmark button and complete all 26 scenes
  4. If your PC doesn’t crash and you don’t notice any graphical glitches, repeat from step 1

If your PC Crashes or you notice graphical problems: Don’t worry – It’s completely normal. Simply open MSI Afterburner again and lower the clock speed by 30. This will be your optimal clock speed.

Final Steps for Overclocking Your GPU

You’ve almost completed your overclocking. If you’d like, you can repeat the steps above for your memory clock as well. However, most new graphics cards have enough memory as it is, so it won’t provide as much of a performance boost in games.

Once you’re finished with overclocking, click the Save icon on MSI Afterburner and then click a number to assign it to that slot to save your settings. You can now automatically load up these settings each time you want to have better performance while playing your favorite games.

The final test is to try out your new overclocked graphics card in your favorite games. In most cases, you’ll find that performance will be improved.

Some games may not work as well with overclocked settings, so if you notice graphical glitches or your game crashes, simply click the reset button to go back to default settings.

  • What is the meaning of ‘overclocking’ in graphics cards?

Any GPU runs on previously established settings and power which provides the user with a fixed performance that is predetermined and setup by the manufacturer. Overclocking is the step taken up by the user to enhance the performance of GPU by software such as MSI afterburner which enhances the performance by increasing the power is called overclocking.

  • How do processors determine when to use boost clock?

The processor calculates the load applied on the computer, thermal headroom, the OEM settings, and the available power on which the boost of the GPU depends, so it an automatic determination by the GPU itself.

  • What is overclocking a PC?

Overclocking a pc means manually pushing the processor of the CPU to reach its ultimate frequency of clock rate to enhance the performance of the CPU. It is mostly done by software such as MSI Afterburner and NVIDIA boost 3.0.

  • Does an Intel CPU Turbo Boost make games run faster?

It does but in some games, it actually overclocks the CPU dynamically by sending higher voltage into it so the clock speed can be raised.

  • What is a safe overclock for a MSI GTX 960 4GB?

It is kind of safe as long as it does not go over NVIDIA’s specified temperatures

  • Can overclocking a GPU be harmful?

It depends because if the overclocking is done on a proper method by following the established specifications of the GPU by the manufacturers. It might cause damage to the GPU if proper steps and knowledge of overclocking not followed.

  • Will an undervolting CPU help in gaming performance?

No, it does not help with gaming performance. For getting better gaming performance, you need to know about Core Clock vs Boost Clock. In this context, you can get some information on Core Clock vs Boost Clock.

  • Why don’t graphic cards get slower over time?

The Graphics card itself doesn’t get slower over time, some pieces might become less effective over time.

  • Does overclocking GPU give more FPS?

Yes, it gives more FPS, but the extra FPS which is produced due to overclocking negligible in nature and air-cooled GPU overclock is mostly useless as the effect may not last long due to thermal temperature.

  • Does more GHz mean better performance?

Yes, GHz is the measurement of the rate of clock speed, so high clock speed helps in faster and smoother computing calculations.

  • What is boost clock GPU ?

GPU  boost clock explained the increase in power of the graphics card’s processor which tends to produce better performance automatically with the flow of load. This known as a graphics card boost clock. In this context, we already shared some information on Core Clock vs Boost Clock.

  • How to boost my laptop to it’s max turbo frequency?

Find out turbo boost switch in the BIOS and from here you can switch on and off, depends on the performance required.

  • Which is better NVIDIA’s 1650 or 1660?

In overall gaming experience and graphics quality NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 is much better than NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650. If you need more performance then go with RTX 3060 Ti.

  • Can you overclock Intel integrated graphics card?

Yes, it is possible to overclock Intel’s integrated graphics card with the help of a software called Intel XTU. For overclocking, you need to know about Core Clock vs Boost Clock.

  • Does clock speed matter in gaming?

Yes definitely because high clock speed indicates high GHz which helps in enhancing the gaming experience so clock speed is important in gaming.

  • Can we increase the clock speed of a laptop?

Yes, the laptop’s clock speed can be increased by changing the old processor with an advanced one or overclocking the processor.

  • Is RAM size or processor speed more important?

The processor is more important because an advanced processor helps the processing faster to load and fetch data from the ram, so keeping an unlimited ram doesn’t matter if the processor cannot handle the workload.

  • Is it necessary to overclock a CPU for gaming?

If you want better performance in the clock speed while game yes you can take up the process of overclocking to achieve that performance without spending any money, but if you don’t require it you don’t need to take up this risk.

  • Why do Pascal based GPU’s overclock so well?

This is because of its overclock friendly architecture, which does not create much hustle while overclocking

  • How to make a laptop perform better?

Laptop performance can be improved by:

Uninstalling unnecessary software from the system to reduce load.

Reduce the applications on the laptop boot up.

The addition of ram could be very helpful.

Restriction on visiting unstable sites.

Have a check on virus attacks.

  • Can overclocking damage your graphics card?

First, you have to know about the Core Clock vs Boost Clock of a GPU. Trying to overclock with less knowledge and skills may be harmful to the graphics card.

  • Is GPU overclocking worth it?

Overclocking the GPU with full knowledge is worth because you will be able to achieve high performance without paying any extra money for that experience

  • Can I increase my processor clock speed pc?

Yes, you can. In this article, we already discussed Core Clock vs Boost Clock. So you can get some information from this context on Core Clock vs Boost Clock.

  • Is it possible to overclock a Core i5 7500 Processor?

The processor without the ‘K’ in it will be impossible to overclock with the simple techniques, people with high computer knowledge have come up with a technique but they prefer this overclock risky and unworthy in their point of view.

  • What is a stable overclock for a RTX 2070?

Download the latest version of MSI Afterburner and open the overclocking scanner it will go through the graphics and help to identify a stable overclocking format for the GPU. Without any knowledge on Core Clock vs Boost Clock, overclocking is not recommended.


Core clock vs Boost clock is the topic we have coved in this content, hope we have achieved in clarifying your questions and terms in detailed information about, Core clock vs Boost clock differences, Which clock matters Core clock vs Boost clock, Overclocking, MSI Afterburner, FLOPS, CPU Core Clock vs Boost Clock, GPU Core Clock vs Boost Clock, etc.

If you have any queries on Core Clock vs Boost Clock then leave a comment below.

Sources: easypc, GPU Memory Core Clock vs Boost Clock Speed: What’s The Difference?, 20th November 2020.

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