Friday, June 14, 2024
Our Team

Our Team

Nick Bramcolm

Executive Writer

Nick started Young, in 2013 to write for a periodical in his hometown ohio, but that soon tuned into a fulltime job, thanks to his dedication and research work. Nick Bramcolm now manage all authors and writes most of the content himself.

Kathrina Davis

Creative Director

Kathrina Davis is from the field of Electronics Engineering, but she is also a computer engineer. Katharina Started young in the field of Internet Marketing & Digital Graphics, along with her college studies in 2010. She handles all the day to day responsibilities.

Lily Ostwrich

Marketing Officer

Lily Ostwrich Graduated in Mass Comm. from New York. She is a dedicated digital marketer for HWRIG News Platform, working since 2007. Lily Oversees all the Branding Building, Content Promotion & Digital Marketing requirements for Hwrig.

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