i7-1185G7 is Ready to Win Over Ryzen in Ultimate Rundown


Intel Core i7-1185G7 is the best processor of the 11th gen tiger lake series. With some multi core tests and single core tests we are going to show you Intel Core i7-1185G7 is the top performing processor of the tiger lake CPU series compared to the previous generations.

The new i7-1185G7 laptop has low power consumption with improved battery life. The gaming experience of this laptop is very impressive due to its integrated Iris xe gpu. The multi threading performance is also great of this laptop. In terms of performance intel tiger lake i7-1185G7 is much better than the AMD Ryzen. The turbo boost frequency of i7-1185G7 tiger lake cpu is 4.8 ghz. So this can deliver the ultimate performance.

Some benchmark test of Intel Core i7-1185G7

Far Cry New Dawn Test

The Far Cry New Dawn is set to 1080p full hd resolution, the game’s graphics setting is normal. We can see from the above benchmark test, the performance of the Intel’s integrated Iris xe is the best in this test. It delivered 360% faster performance than the Intel HD, 100% faster performance than the Ice Lake Iris+, and 33% faster performance than the Ryzen 7 4800U Radeon.

The all Far Cry game series is run slower on AMD Ryzen desktop processors. So we test the game named Deus Ex Mankind Divided, because AMD recommends this game for original Ryzen processors of desktop.

Deus Ex Mankind Divided Test

The Deus Ex Mankind Divided is set to 1080p full hd resolution, the game’s graphics setting is medium. We can see from the above benchmark test, the performance of the Intel’s Tiger Lake is the best in this test. It gives 300% better performance compared to Intel HD, 109% better performance compared to previous gen Ice Lake Iris+, and 36% better performance compared to Radeon of Ryzen 7 4800U.

Metro Exodus Test

Again we run Metro Exodus game in 1080p resolution. The graphics setting of the game is normal. Again 11th gen i7 and it’s integrated graphics Iris xe is giving the top performance. It performs 244% fast performance compared to Intel HD, 93% fast performance compared to 10th gen Iris plus, and 26% fast performance compared to integrated Radeon of Ryzen 7.

Shadows of the Tomb Raider Test

Shadows of the Tomb Raider is the last game test of this content. This game running at 1080p full hd resolution. This is very heavy game for the both Core i7-10710U and Core i7-1065G7 laptop. Both of them is not able to complete the benchmark test. AMD Ryzen 4800U laptop is able to complete the benchmark test equal to Intel Core i7-1165G7. But still it is 16% behind in terms of performance from integrated Iris xe of Tiger Lake.

From the all above tests we can see the winner is 1185G7 from 11th gen Intel i7 lineup.

Interesting questions

What is the AMD equivalent of Intel i7?

The equivalent AMD processor lineup is Ryzen 7.

How powerful are Intel 11th generation processors?

The 11th gen Intel processors are very powerful than its previous generation. It is come with an integrated graphics named Iris xe, which can run the modern games at 1080p resolution.

Which i7 processor is good for gaming?

The 11th gen i7 processor (1185G7) is good for gaming.

We will update more information to you about 1185G7 processor. So friends, stay tuned with us. If you have any questions and queries about this content, then feel free to leave a comment below. We will answer your every question as soon as possible.

Content Source: IDG CONNECT, Intel 11th-gen Core i7-1185G7 Tiger Lake Preview: It’s (mostly) faster than Ryzen, 17th September, 2020.

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