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Kunpeng Processor May Be the Next Big Processor in 2021


We are babbling about how Intel and AMD is releasing processor after processor, one after another, all new ones. But in the midst, a distant competitor is also releasing their new Kunpeng Processor lineup, or at least planning and preparing to release soon.

There are many news from unconfirmed sources about Computer Desktops powered by Kunpeng Processor. We will discuss on all the rumors and leaks here about their new desktop processor, and will also check if those rumors are true.

The Leaks About the Processor

As most of you now, Huawei has already released its Kunpeng 920 Server processor to compte with Intel Xeon this year. Although thy did not have any official announcement about when when their desktop process system will come into market, we are seeing leaks that suggest its already out and being used.

Above screenshot is the supposed leak screenshot of a specific desktop computer, run by  huawei d920s10 desktop motherboard.

Kunpeng Processor Development

A twitter leak showed image of a desktop system with Kunpeng Procssor logo on top, and hat is the source of the rumor that a complete Kunpeng processor based desktop is being used in China. This processor is developed by their subsidiary named Hisilicon, who are developed their mobile processor Kirin Series, which starts from 4 core eight thread processors.

Specs of Kunpeng Processor powered desktop

Another leak suggests the spec of the Huawei Kunpeng Desktop Computer, the heart is the Dedicated 24 Core Processor, 8 GB DDR4 RAM, 512 SSD Hard Disk, DVD Writer Drive, AMD’s Radeon 520 Series Graphics Card. The system has a 24″ desktop Monitor with a Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution.

As far as the connectivity, these desktops has 3 USB A and USB C ports, and a headset port in the front of the cabinet. It also have a VGA port for connecting to the monitor. But it also has usb 3.0 port.

The performance of the Kunpeng Desktop Computer processor is not available anywhere, except for another leak where it is seen the multi core performance is quite similar to Intel 8 Core i9-9900K processor,  if not better. This suggests that the desktop processors are quite powerful for a entry level processor, capable of even streaming 4k video.

Use of Kunpeng Processor

Huawei confirmed that the Kunpeng Processor powered desktops are not yet available for open purchase in commercial market, and it is unclear when they will be available for purchase, or will be available at all. Sources from the leak said that the desktops are being used by Government Institutions and Enterprises approved by Huawei.

OS of Kunpeng Processor Desktops

All these alleged desktops are used with Huawei’s own propitiatory Unity Operating System. This OS is a version of Linux Distro, specially made by a company named Union Tech and based on the Open Source Deepin Linux Distro. These desktops are specially designed to run on Unity Operating System only, any other operating system like Windows or Mac OS can not be installed in them.

Entry in International Market

So far the commercial desktop processor market is dominated by the two giants, AMD and Intel. Nvidia just bought ARM Electronics to make their own processor in future. However if a big tech like Huawei enters into the market, it can very well change the power balance of the market. However, there is no information from the officials of Huawei whether they have any plans to come into international market with their Kunpeng Processor Desktops.

Kunpeng 920 Processor

Huawei released arm chip based Kunpeng 920 Server processor with 64 cores with a clock speed of 2.6 GHz, based Systems to compete with Intel Xeon based Servers processors. And they have announced to launch next Kunpeng 930 series of processor in the next quarter. May be they will follow similar footsteps and launch the desktop processors in the market as well soon enough.


So far we have only this much information on Kunpeng Processor, based on leaks and unconfirmed sources, as Huawei did not have any official press release on this topic. We will update you as soon as we have more news on this topic.

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