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AMD Navi has drawn lots of attention so far from the leaks and rumors, but there are little confirmed details by AMD itself. We will discuss all the Specifications, Launch Date, Price and other details about the series of processor. Recently there were also another reveal about the Big Die of Radeon R9 6900 XT Graphics Processor, that will also be discussed here.


In the E3 this year, AMD revealed their Ryzen 3000 Desktop Processors, which was based on Zen 2 Architecture. Along with this, AMD also provided x570 chipset support for new motherboards. This was the path paved for the upcoming AMD Navi / Big Navi / Navi 2x Graphics Card series.

Whats New with AMD Navi

As we have discussed before, there is no official confirmation about any specs of AMD Navi, there are only leaks and assumptions. Still if we go by the trend, we can say the following :

  • GPU based on 7nm Process
  • More Power efficient, around 65W TDP, gives more Performance per watt.
  • Performance Grade Grphics card, similar to Nvidia RTX 3080, if not better.
  • Hardware-Level Ray Tracing Support
  • Compatible with GDDR6 Type Memory
  • New Horizon of 4K gaming and 8K Gaming

The Predecessor – Radeon RX 5000 series

The Radeon RX 5000 series is the predecessor of AMD Big Navi, which is based in RDNA 1.0 technology. The prefix “50” is given by AMD, celebrating their 50th anniversary officially in the year of 2019. The cards are containing AMD’s popular Vega Graphics, which made the AMD APU most affordable ones which budget gamers are using now a days.

Although the Radeon RX 5000 is not quite old one, AMD is already moving ahead with AMD Navi which will have the upgraded RDNA 2.0 technology. AMD is even shutting down the rx 5700 xt Series of Graphics Card[1], to help market the newest technology card.

AMD BIG Navi Graphics Cards List

AMD is releasing at least 3 graphics card in the AMD Navi Series,

  1. AMD RX 6600/6500 Graphics Card (Navi 23)
  2. AMD RX 6800/6700 Graphics Card (Navi 22)
  3. AMD RX 6900 Graphics Card (Navi 21)

All of the above is based on GFX 10xx Series, which will have the new RDNA 2 Technology.

AMD Navi with PCI 4.0 Support

All the leaks indicate that the AMD Navi will have PCI 4.0 Compatibility, which will be future proof for at least 5 years. PCI 4.0 is 1.5x faster than PCI 3.0, although this dont have any real world advantage, as PCI 3.0 has enough bandwidth to cover the speed. Only advantage the PCI 4.0 has is the better speed for NVME 2.0 type storages, it has 5,000 MBPS Read Speed while PCI 3.0 has 3,500 MBPS Read Speed.

AMD Navi 2x Specifications

We have already covered spec leaks about the radeon rx 6000 series graphics card in our previous piece[2], although many more assumptions and reveals came after that.

The GPU will have 80 compute units (80 cus) and a memory bus of 256-bit . If each Compute Unit in AMD BIG Navi architecture have 64 Stream Processors, it means AMD Navi will 5,120 Stream Processors.


AMD RDNA 2 is the technology on which AMD Navi will have based on. The only confirmed spec this RDNA 2[3] has is that it will have Hardware Level Ray Tracing capability. So far, Nvidia Graphics cards were ahead in this field and AMD was not considered just because it didnt have the Ray Tracing Hardware. Looks like they are ready to outweigh Nvidia with RDNA 2.

AMD Navi Vs RTX 3080

As per the specs revealed so far, the close contender of the AMD Big Navi series will be RTX 3080 series recently launched by Nvidia. Although there are multiple reasons why this AMD Navi Series guessed to be way more better deal than Nvidia RTX 3080 series. It also blows rtx 2080 ti out of the water, as well as overperforms rtx 3070 series.

AMD Navi Vs RTX 3080 Pros and Cons

  1. Nvidia already having issues with game crashes from RTX 3080, even after a driver update the crash continues.
  2. Hardcore gamers were not impressed by Nvidia’s poor stock of the cards.
  3. Things didnt go well for Nvidia when it came into light that the RTX 3080 has faulty capacitors.

Specs Comparison of Both Graphics Processors

Since the AMD Navi is not out yet, we will try to compare the specs of the leaks, the technology and the RDNA 2 System. The RDNA 2 architecture is already gaining popularity with its graphics driving unit in the new Sony PlayStation 5 and upcoming Xbox Series X gaming console.

  1. RTX 3080 runs on 8nm process, where as AMD Navi will be based on 7nm technology.
  2. RTX 30xx series have 105W TDP and up, but AMD Navi series is allegedly starting from 65W Thermal power consumption.
  3. RDNA 2 technology based AMD Navi should have around 2.2 GHz output whereas Ampere based RTX 3080 has 1.7 GHz clock speeds.
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  5. According to a recent rumor, the AMD Big Navi GPU will have 16 GB of VRAM whereas Nvidia GPU has 10 GB VRAM, which will have clear performance differences.

Pricing of $549-$599 for RX 6900 XT

AMD Navi Release Date

There is no Official release date mentioned anywhere, although it is confirmed AMD will have a release launch on October 28th, 2020 and this is being thought as the day when AMD Navi will come into light, officially. That should be the day when AMD announces the release date of AMD Big Navi.

AMD Big Navi Price

AMD has always excelled at the field of competitive pricing, at least all their processors are lower priced compared to their similar performing processors from competitors. Looks like the trend will continue in the AMD Navi as well, which is expected to have a price tag of $549-$599, far lower than $699 starting price tag of Nvidia RTX 3080 Series.

Radeon R9 6900 XT

Radeon R9 6900 XT will be based on RDNA 2 technology, leaked as the highest performing AMD Navi graphics card they will be announcing to launch on the eve of October 28th, 2020. It will be based on GFX103X Graphics Architecture. Radeon R9 6900 XT was codenamed Sienna Cichlid when it first came into light by leakers.

Ray Tracing in AMD Navi

We do not have any confirmed news about the Ray Tracing part of AMD Navi, but since they are made on RDNA 2 technology, and Sony PlayStation 5 and upcoming Xbox Series X both made on RDNA 2 has ray tracing hardware, we are assuming all the AMD Big Navi Graphics Card will have it too.

So far AMD Graphics cards had the ability for Software Ray Tracing into games, but the dedicated Ray Tracing hardware will have sure impacts for them, as well as put them in the same league with Nvidia 3080 Series Graphics Cards.

Nvidia Ampere

Ampere is the tech by Nvidia on which the Nvidia 30xx cards are based on.

FAQ on AMD Navi Graphics Cards

Here we will give answers to some common questions asked in Twitter, Reddit and various question answer sites like Quora, and some tech forums. If you have any more questions regarding this topic, feel free to post them below as well.

When is amd navi coming out

AMD has announced an official date of AMD Navi launch, that is 28th of October 2020. However the actual date when users can buy this card is yet to be announced. However that is also expected in November 2020, probably before Sony PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will launch.

What is AMD Navi ?

AMD Navi is the latest series of Processors based on AMD 6000 series – coming in light on October 28th, 2020.

AMD Navi why are people so excited ?

AMD Navi is having many new technology updates with RDNA 2 as well as physical Ray Tracing hardware. As a result, it will have capabilities in gaming and other graphics processing works never seen before.

AMD what comes after Navi ?

So far, there is no official update or Leak about the next generation of graphics cards after AMD Navi, stay tuned and subscribe to us for more updates.

When will amd navi release?

AMD will have a release launch on October 28th, 2020 where AMD will announce the release date of AMD Big Navi. This should answer the query about When will amd navi be released.

When will we see AMD Navi ?

Although there are many renders by artists and some leaked images available, we can only see the AMD NAVI officially first time on October 28th, 2020. Then you can purchase through links.

AMD Navi first reviews when can we see ?

After the official announcement of the release date on October 28, 2020, we can have reviews of AMD Navi.

What beats the amd navi?

So far, we are comparing AMD Navi with Nvidia RTX 3080, so it can be appropriate to say that the RTX 3090 series may have better performance than AMD Navi Series.

When will amd navi be release ?

AMD will have a release launch on October 28th, 2020

Why is amd navi so expensive ?

AMD Navi will have at least $100 lesser price than its competitor Nvidia RTX 3080 Series.

What to expect from amd navi ?

We can expect at least 150% increase in performance in AMD Navi compared to pervious AMD Graphics Cards based on RDNA 1.0 technology, it will also have 35% less power consumption.

When will 3rd party cards come out for amd navi ?

It will be at least December 2020 before 3rd party cards come out for amd navi.

Stay tuned as we bring more news on this topic on October 8th when AMD’s CEO Lisa SU is having a Online Seminar about the new RDNA 2 Technology.

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