AMD Navi 21 XT Power Consumption And Availability | The Updated Report


AMD Navi 21 XT Power Consumption.

We found a fresh new report on the power consumption of AMD Navi 21 XT from Igor’sLAB.
Igor Wallossek shared a leak regarding Big Navi. He claimed the TGP of the Navi 21 XT will be around 320W.

But the earlier report said it was 255W. Due to using incorrect TGP nomenclature, the difference in the final result happened for both NVIDIA and AMD in a previous report.

In the earlier report, the values represent only the Graphics card socket power (VDDCI, GFX, and SOC). This is completely reverse to NVIDIA GPU’s TGP, which indicates the whole GPU’s power consumption.

So the previous report of 225W was not the whole GPU’s power consumption, it was only the socket power of the GPU.


According to this data, Navi 21 XT will have 235W of stock power. So the total board power (TBP) of AMD RX 6000 GPU will be around 320W. This value will change to 355W with custom boards.

AMD Navi 21 XT Availability

According to this report, Navi 21 XT’s first custom GPUs will be available from mid of November. AMD is going to announce about Navi 21 GPU on 28th October 2020.

We will update more news on this topic, stay tuned. For any queries leave your valuable comments here.

Footnotes: igorslab, AMD Radeon RX 6000 – The real power consumption of Navi21 XT and Navi21 XL, the used memory and the availability of the board partner cards | Exclusive, 20th October 2020.

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