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RTX 3080 Game Crashing | Ruins the fun – Here is the response from the manufacturers


RTX 3080 has an issue with the game crashing. The overclocked RTX 3080 crashing or freezing when the graphics card’s frequency is going to reach over 2.0GHz while running the game. From the middle game position, it goes back to the desktop screen. There is a random crash without any reason or any unk nown reason.


On many gaming forums, social media sites, and web sites, users are reporting regarding RTX 3080 game crashing issue. Many experts think the bad voltage filtering and the custom design overclock speed are causing RTX 3080 game crashing problem. So the card owners are very upset about this problem.

So let’s see how the manufacturers are going to respond to the overclocked RTX 3080 game crashing issue.

The response to the overclocked RTX 3080 game crashing from the manufacturers


At present time, no official response from Nvidia.


The first report regarding this issue was submitted to the media by this manufacturer. The company is reviewing and testing the cards. The final report will be updated later.

  • EVGA

The production team has been discussed regarding this problem of EVGA RTX 3080 GPUs. EVGA R&D is trying to fix this issue. They already updated their product images on their official web site (

  • ASUS

The design of pre-production has already changed by ASUS. But no official response is available.

  • MSI

MSI recognized the problem during the Livestream of MSI named ‘MSI Insider’. They said the problem will be solved with the next driver update.

  • GALAX, GIGABYTE, and other Manufacturers

There is no response from these manufacturers.

We will update more on this context. For any queries, leave comments below.

Footnotes: videocardz, Manufacturers respond to GeForce RTX 3080/3090 crash to desktop issues, 26th September 2020.

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