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G.SKILL Declare ENKI Series AIO CPU Cooling Line-Up, To Be No. 1 Among Available


What is the news on the ENKI series AIO by G.SKILL?

Global leaders in extreme performance gaming and memory peripheral manufacture, G. SKILL International Enterprise Co., Ltd., has announced that they will be launching a new series of CPU liquid coolers, called the ENKI-series AIO.

It will be a personalized-design AIO CPU cooler that concentrates on producing ultimate performance by dismissing heat-transfer constrictions and adroitly draw out heat from the CPU by using the specifically-picked shallow thermal resistant thermal paste, along the personally-tuned convex-copper cold plate, and towards the dense radiator through a widened, low-evaporation capable cooling tube.

It is available in various radiator sizes, for example, 240mm, 280 mm, 360 mm, with every ENKI series AIO including easily installable mounting kit brackets, ARGB light, and a 9-blade hydro-tolerant cooling fans.

Personalized Convex Cold Plate along with Stair-Shaped Dense Micro-Fin Build 

The ENKI line-up AIO uses a custom-build convex cold plate design that reduces the travel-space of heat from the CPU via the thermal-pasting, pouring into the solid-copper cold plate, and by it achieves an optimal level performance and highest-level exposure with the CPU. The cold plate’s flipside contains stair-like dense micro-fins that guide the coolant flow inwards-outwards to move the heat into the coolant from the cold plate.

High Flow-Rate Coolant Tubing and High-Density Radiator Piping 

To rapidly convey coolant between the cooler head and the radiator, high stream rate coolant tubes with 8 mm inward diameter are picked for the job. Likewise, every coolant tube is built with thicker rubber-walls for low coolant vanishing and is encased in nylon-plaited sleeves for longevity.


The radiator is planned with high-thickness pipes, enhancing the surface region to encourage effective heat dissemination from coolant and into the blades for viable cooling. The 240 mm and 360 mm variations are planned with 3-4 extra radiator pipes than standard radiators, while the 280 mm variation contains 6 more radiator pipes.

High Static Pressure 9-Blade Fan and Low Thermal Resistance Thermal Paste   

The ENKI series AIO liquid-cooler is furnished with high 9-blade hydro-bearing PWM cooling fans, chosen for their high static strain to keep up steady wind flow. The ancillary pack includes a tube of server-level thermal pasting that highlights super-low thermal obstruction, which empowers speedy heat-movement from the CPU to the cold copper plate.

Adjustable ARGB and Product Availability   

Every ENKI series AIO liquid-cooler is furnished with 3-pin ARGB motherboard connectors, permitting adaptable RGB lighting through the motherboard light control-software. Accessible in 240 mm, 280 mm, and 360 mm, the ENKI series AIO additionally accompanies a 5-year warranty. This product offering of AIO liquid-coolers will be accessible through G.SKILL dispersion accomplices in 2021.

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Sources: G.SKILL Official Website, CPU Cooler, 28th January 2021.

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