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3950x vs 9900k | The Fight Of The Century



In this context, we have to cover one of the most crucial fights in the computer hardware industry, the fight between Intel’s and AMD’s 3950x vs 9900k desktop processors. We are going to share every detail of this battle 3950x vs 9900k. So let’s start. AMD recently released Ryzen 5000 series desktop processors.

3950x vs 9900k price

The AMD’s 3950X retail cost for $749 compared to the 3900X at just $499 and the new 10th-generation Core i9 chips will launch in November in four variants, starting at $590 up to $979

3950x vs 9900k gaming

AMD’s Ryzen has always been an extraordinary basis for productivity machines, but they’ve by no means been as aggressive in gaming performance as they’re now. AMD’s Zen 2 structure offers considerable enhancements in inline with-middle performance over preceding generations, however, the modifications still can’t completely counter intel’s benefit.

Don’t get us wrong; the Ryzen nine 3950x can preserve its own simply first-rate in gaming workloads. In video games for example ashes of the singularity: escalations and civilization vi which deals with all of the cores of AMD’s mainstream workhorse, the Ryzen nine 3950x with PBO enabled is one of the exceptional performers round.

But in video games like a long way cry 5 and grand robbery car 5, the Ryzen nine 3950x runs face to face with processors that command a much decrease fee tag.

But, if what you’re after is the absolute highest body charge within the games you play, there’s no other option than to go with intel. What the middle i9 lacks in center count number; it makes up with uncooked clock speeds.

There’s no doubt that the intel core i9-9900k remains the fastest gaming processor, but we’d be remiss to mention that it’s far the fine gaming processor. Intel’s personal middle i7-9700k is a miles better alternative for a person mainly interested in gaming as it offers kind of an identical level of performance at a much lower charge point.

Winner: intel. Intel’s middle i9-9900k is quicker at gaming than AMD’s Ryzen 9 3950x, but if gaming performance is what you’re after, you could store your self pretty a piece of money with an i7-9700k or Ryzen 7 3900x.

3950x vs 9900k 1440p

Bumping the decision as much as a greater practical state of affairs at 1440p with the RTX 2080 ti, the 3950x is now simply 7% slower than the 9900k whilst comparing 1% low data, and once more it basically matched the 9700k and 8700k. Again overall performance becomes additionally a great deal greater steady when in comparison to the center i9-9920x.

3950x vs 9900k Pubg specifications and FPS

Intel Core i9-9900K

CPU Score: 20172

Future-Proof Score: 88 %


Cores 8

Threads 16

Socket LGA1151

Clock 3.6 GHz

Turbo clock 5.0 GHz

TDP 95 W

Integrated Graphics Card- Intel UHD 630 Graphics

Maximum RAM 128 GB

Included CPU Cooler No

L1 Cache 8 x 32 kB Instruction, 8 x 32 kB Data

L2 Cache 8 x 256 kB

L3 Cache 1 x 16 MB

Average FPS on 1080p

175.23 FPS

Average FPS on 1440p

159.37 FPS

Average FPS on 4k

129.33 FPS

amd Ryzen 9 3950X

CPU Score: 43559

Future-Proof Score: 98 %


Cores 16

Threads 32

Socket AM4

Clock 3.5 GHz

Turbo clock 4.7 GHz

TDP 105 W

Integrated Graphics None

Maximum RAM 128 GB

Included CPU Cooler No

L1 Cache 16 x 32 kB Instruction, 16 x 64 kB Data

L2 Cache 16 x 512 kB

L3 Cache 4 x 16 MB

Average FPS on 1080p

195.75 FPS

Average FPS on 1440p

191.44 FPS

Average FPS on 4k

175.76 FPS

3950x vs 9900k Streaming

So, in case you need to stream with the same computer you are gaming you need to pass Ryzen, if you may come up with the money for the 3950x you have to. 9900k will supply close performance while gaming and streaming in phrases of frames but if you move x264 slow with a high bitrate to deliver a good first-class on your visitors they’ll lose many frames.3950x vs 9900k benchmark

Rendering is where AMD’s Ryzen processors certainly shine. Those responsibilities can regularly be break up throughout as many threads as to be had, which genuinely lets in the Ryzen 9 3950x to stretch its legs and show us what it may in reality do.

Inside the Cinebench R20 assessments, our Ryzen 9 3950x became bested only by means of AMD’s 32-middle Threadripper 2990wx and an overclocked 18-center center i9-9980xe within the multi threaded performance test.

Intel’s center i9-9900k @ GHz controlled to squeeze out 5,239 factors, whereas the 3950x with PBO enabled cranked out almost double that score with 9534 points. The 3950x even topped the single-core test with 545 factors in comparison to 524 from the 9900k.

Our effects from the pov-ray multi-middle check are simply as damning for intel. In which the Ryzen nine 3950x cranked out 7,955 factors at inventory settings, the middle i9 topped out at three,566. the unmarried-middle check gave the Ryzen 508.7 factors, and the i9 scored 421.4.

In a blender, the story maintains: the Ryzen nine 3950x ran the fast benchmark in 505 seconds, while the i9 took its candy time and finished the check-in 916 seconds.

The Lexmark CPU check, corona 1.3 ray tracing test, v-ray CPU test, and the NAMD molecular dynamics simulation take a look at all netted comparable consequences, with the Ryzen 9 clobbering the core i9 by using widespread margins.

3950x vs 9900k Benchmark

From the following chart, you can see 3950x vs 9900k Benchmark scores.

3950x vs 9900k Power consumption

Power Consumption-
Some things unusual approximately the Ryzen nine 3950x and something that makes it unique is simply how efficient it is. Regardless of presenting 29% greater performance than the 3900x within the blender benchmark, the 3950x surely consumed a few watts much less, that’s truly insane. This also way for an 87% performance raise over the 9900k, you’re looking at equal electricity consumption.

3950x vs 9900k Single Core Performance

From the following chart, you see 3950x vs 9900k Single-Core Performance.

3950x vs 9900k Rendering

Rendering is where AMD’s Ryzen processors truly shine. These responsibilities can frequently be split up throughout as many threads as available, which surely allows the Ryzen 9 3950x to stretch its legs and display to us what it could sincerely do.

In the Cinebench r20 exams, our Ryzen nine 3950x became bested best via AMD’s 32-core Threadripper 2990wx and an overclocked 18-core center i9-9980xe within the multi-threaded take a look at.

Intel’s Core i9-9900k @ GHz controlled to squeeze out five,239 points, whereas the 3950x with PBO enabled cranked out almost double that rating with 9534 factors. The 3950x even crowned the single-middle check with 545 points in comparison to 524 from the 9900k.


3950x vs 9900k bottom line comparison

Given the pricing disparity among the 2 chips, that is a chunk of a peculiar comparison, however, the reality remains: we’re evaluating the first-class of the mainstream desktop from every employer’s arsenal, and AMD’s Ryzen 9 3950x comes out in advance.

Intel is still the king for game enthusiasts searching out the best gaming overall performance feasible, and AMD keeps to leverage the benefits of its middle-heavy structure. Intel’s strengths stay in its speed in gently-threaded workloads in which its excessive middle frequencies provide a tangible gain, but there is a restriction to its scalability in heavily-threaded programs.

In comparison, the Ryzen 9 3950x gives a balanced performance profile with stable, but no longer constantly leading, overall performance in most gently-threaded apps, but offers a surely crushing quantity of performance in threaded workloads.

In the long run, what we said about these processors throughout their reviews nevertheless stands actual nowadays: “intel’s 8-middle core i9-9900k comes with everything to meet fans, like greater cores, higher frequencies, and overall performance-boosting solder TIM.

The one’s enhancements make the chip the quickest mainstream processor in the marketplace, however, the $500 asking rate relegates it to the maximum severe overall performance lovers,” and “the Ryzen 9 3950x lets you jam relatively threaded horsepower into a low-priced motherboard, developing a brand new CPU magnificence all its personal. Its 16 cores and 32 threads redefine what’s possible for the mainstream, and its relatively less expensive fee-according to-core is a brilliant value.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 3900x better than 9900k?

The Core i9-9900k has a base frequency of three.6ghz and a maximum boost clock frequency of 5ghz, in comparison with the Ryzen 9 3900x’s base 3.8ghz pace and 4.6ghz maximum raise.

 Is the 3950x worth it over the 3900x?

The Ryzen 3900x become the flagship chip of this Ryzen technology (before the 3900xt, this is). The 3950x beats each. These are both extremely effective, high-end CPUs. They’re arguably heat chips, no matter they’re concentrated on of the more mainstream zone, and their specifications reflect that.

Ryzen 9 3950x helps you to jam noticeably threaded horsepower into a low-priced motherboard, developing a brand new CPU class all its personal. Its sixteen cores and 32 threads redefine what is feasible for the mainstream, and its comparatively less expensive fee-per-center is a brilliant price

Is 10700k better than 9900k?

In lots of respects, the Core i7-10700k is comparable, if not higher, than the previous-gen middle i9-9900k. Both chips come with eight extra cores and 16 threads, but the 10700k has better 3.8/ 5.1 GHz base/increase clocks, whilst the middle i9-9900k tops out at 3.6 /5.0 GHz. both chips have an equal 4.7 GHz all-core increase.

What is better than i9 9900k?

Going via MRP, the Ryzen nine 3900x will price $499. At that fee factor, you receive a 12-center 24-thread processor with quickens to 4.6 GHz when the usage of PBO along with a right motherboard and suitable cooling. The i9-9900k’s MRP is $488, and it may be found around that rate and decrease, especially after the launch of AMD’s new Ryzen. for that rate, you receive an eight-core sixteen-thread processor which can run as much as 5 GHz on two cores.

Is the 9900k future proof?

Inside the here and now, the center i9 9900k is certainly a proper halo product from intel – astonishingly fast, highly successful, and the maximum future-proof mainstream CPU on the market.

Is i7 future proof?

The i7 9700k is a superb CPU. However I agree within coming years extra games, packages will employ extra threads, and its 8 threads will make you want to update it quickly.

Should I buy a 9900k?

If you truly want to Livestream modern-day, CPU-in-depth games from one pc, the 9900k goes to provide you higher fine each on your stream and in sport than every other mainstream CPU. At that point, the higher CPU is the only that offers you precisely what you need even though it’s almost twice as steeply-priced

Is 3950x good for gaming?

The processor is brilliant for gaming because modern games require more cores to run on, but it also has great per-core performance, which is a thing AMD was struggling with previously. Since the 9900K is Intel’s “best gaming CPU,” this makes the Ryzen 9 3950X one of the best AMD desktop processors for gaming

Should I buy a 3950x?

AMD Ryzen 9 3950X ranks among one of the best Ryzen desktop processors AMD was able to create of the Zen 2 architecture. Above it, you will be having the Ryzen Threadripper chips, but we’re expecting those as HEDT and a little ahead of what most PC gamers will be after.

Is 3900x good for gaming?

The Ryzen 9 3950x helps you to jam noticeably threaded horsepower into a low-priced motherboard, growing a modern-day CPU magnificence all its very very own. Its 16 cores and 32 threads redefine what’s possible for the mainstream, and its relatively decrease-priced price-consistent with-middle is the brilliant rate.

Is the 3950x worth it?

Our Verdict. The Ryzen 9 3950x lets you jam fantastically threaded horsepower into a low priced motherboard, developing a brand new CPU magnificence all its very own. Its 16 cores and 32 threads redefine what is possible for the mainstream, and its comparatively lower-priced charge-in step with-core is the first-rate fee.

Conclusion– Hope we have able to satisfy all our viewer’s questions 3950x vs 9900k benchmark, 3950x vs 9900k multi threaded performance, 3950x vs 9900k, 3950x vs 9900k updates, 3950x vs 9900k other game tests, Is the i9 9900k overkill? and for many more questions please comment down below.

SOURCE: tomshardware, AMD Ryzen 9 3950X vs Intel Core i9-9900K: The Battle for Mainstream Supremacy, 7th December 2020

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