NVIDIA RTX 3070 Laptop Is Ready To Launch | Leaked Pictures Suggests


In the early new year, we will witness the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Mobile series (including RTX 3070 Laptop) launch alongside the AMD Cezanne-H (Ryzen 5000H) processor. There is uncertainty about whether they will be ready with their 11th Gen Core Tiger Lake-H45 series.

But we have witnessed the pairing of both 11th Gen Core Tiger Lake-H35 and 10th Gen Core Comet Lake-H with NVIDIA’s latest Ampere GPUs.

V-Ray 5 website shows the latest score that features GeForce RTX 3070 laptop edition that has been updated recently for the GeForce RTX graphics card that consists of dedicated cores meant for hardware-accelerated Ray Tracing.

RTX 3070 Laptop Performance against contemporary:

The RTX 3070 laptop edition only managed a score of 1394, which seems to prove that it is much slower than the RTX 3060 Ti desktop edition based on GA104 GPU. The desktop edition managed to gather 1503 points, a significant 8% higher than the laptop edition.

The series mentioned above is built on the Turing architecture that doesn’t do justice to V-Ray 5 RTX benchmark, but they are formed on 1st Generation RT cores. If a comparison is made between the GeForce RTX 2080 desktop and the GeForce RTX 3070 mobile, the latter come out a little slower.


Although the RTX 30 mobile series specs are unclear, a conclusion can be drawn that NVIDIA will avoid going with the same GPU in its mobile and desktop series because RTX 3080 desktop models had GA102 GPU, which is a massive processor to be available in a gaming laptop in the coming years.

The expectation is that RTX 3080 mobile variant could only have the same number of cores as does the desktop RTX 3070 SKU (5888), a shortened version, leaving the room open for RTX 30 mobile SUPER refresh, subsequently.

The specs of RTX 3060 and RTX 3070 mobile variants are tough to predict, but we can guess that it will have the same number of CUDAs as the RTX 3060 Ti desktop. Due to mobile forms power restraint, a leaked benchmark suggests the graphics card will be sluggish compared to the desktop SKU.

However, the crucial thing is that the graphics cards are available in a variety of models. We have full-grown Max-P models generally kept for thicker laptops and many Max-Q series that sometimes contain TGP (Total Graphics Power) where targets differ by 30-40W. We still know which one was tested in the V-Ray benchmark.

Sources: chaosgroup, V-Ray 5 Benchmark, 13th December 2020.

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