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MSI’s Ambitious Update For AMD 400 Series Motherboards To Revamp Perfect Support For AMD Ryzen 5000


BIOS update is always exciting news for the PC users. Being a word-popular brand, MSI always takes care of its high number of customers in gamers and PC enthusiasts.

So, MSI keeps informing its user base about the updates to arrive. Starting from this week, MSI plans to completely upload the AMD AGESA COMBO PI V2 Patch D BIOS for every AMD 400-Series motherboard before the culmination of 2020.

Does this mean all AMD 400-Series motherboards holistically support Ryzen 5000 CPU with AMD AGESA COMBO PI V2 Patch D?

The goal to regularly update the BIOS is to increase the performance and make them better compatible. Post the launch of AMD Ryzen 5000 CPU; the masses are curious about the compatibility with earlier AMD platforms.

MSI has noted that the users may need to strengthen their motherboards using the latest CPUs. Thus, they are ascertained to place the AMD AGESA COMBO PI V2 Patch D update to all AMD 400- Series motherboards.


AMD 400-Series motherboards will support Ryzen 5000 CPUs upon receiving the AMD AGESA Patch D update and, consequently, reach its optimal performance, updating the motherboard’s quality option up-gradation.

Will the AMD AGESA COMBO PI V2 Patch D Support Re-Size BAR?

Re-Size bar support is the need of the hour. Upon performing this action, the ultimate efficiency of the system can be achieved. It takes the help of GPU and CPU’s memory to reduce buffering and latency.

The AMD AGESA COMBO PI V2 Patch D update itself holds this striking feature, and with this BIOS update, AMD 400-Series motherboards will support the Re-Size Bar.

So, consumers are advised to update their BIOS instantly to have more improvement.
For further news on updates and other entertaining stuff, users can follow MSI’s official website.

Sources: MSI Official Website, MSI Will Offer BIOS Update for all AMD 400-Series Motherboards to Optimize Performance for AMD Ryzen 5000 CPU Support, 11th December 2020.

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