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Intel Rocket Lake-S CPU Core i9 Leaked, Rumored To Boost 5.3 GHz


What is the news regarding Rocket Lake-S CPU?

The Rocket Lake-S CPU, a flagship product of Intel, was leaked by the “Ashes of the Singularity” benchmark website. The reported leak does not reveal the turbo frequency, but the base clock speed of 3.5 GHz was disclosed.

Does Rocket Lake-S CPU really have a 5.3 GHz clock speed?

Intel Rocket Lake-S CPU’s base has 5.3 GHz of single-core Thermal Velocity Boost frequency as leaked by the twitter-handle owner davidbepo. He also revealed that the CPU has 4.8 GHz of all-core TVB frequency.

The single-core frequency is similar to that of 10th Gen Core i9-10900K, a flagship model, but the all-core TVB frequency is lower by 100MHz from the 10th Gen model.

The Rocket Lake-S CPU possesses the highest PL1 (power level 1) of 125W and PL2 (lower level 2) of 250W, similar to the ten-core Comet Lake- S chief. PL1and PL2 data for the rest of the models in the Rocket Lake-S series is still unknown.

Various users have reported that Thermal Velocity Boost may be licensed only for the Core i9 models, resulting in that frequencies provided will mirror the highest reachable frequency the said CPU can achieve, which leaves a debate on the frequencies of Turbo Boost 2.0 and Max Turbo Boost 3.0.

Except for the TVB support, the specs on the Core i9 series have been long shared by another Twitter user, @harukaze5719. Intel’s different technologies and boost-states should not be termed as a sole type. For example, Core i7 SKU should support the Turbo Boost Max 3.0, whereas the Thermal Velocity Boost is exclusive for the Core i9 series.

A picture of the Rocket Lake-S CPU was supposedly leaked the previous month, but it has no definite label to prove it as authentic.

The Intel Rocket Lake-S exploits Cypress Cove, a fresh core design. Despite being 14nm silicon, it is building towards the first non-Skylake architecture. The new CPUs will also be accorded with the honor of being Intel’s first to present integrated Xe Graphics and to clench PCI Express 4.0 on the mainstream podium.

Intel is very much in business with other partners to disclose 500-series motherboards later. 11th Generation Core lineup will also be compatible with the current LGA1200 motherboards.

Intel is rumored to be gearing up with its unveiling of Alder Lake-S featuring LGA1700 socket and DDR5 support next year, and the expectation is that this will be Intel’s last DDR4 mainstream release.

Sources: Twitter, @davidbepo, 12th December 2020.

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