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Intel just released two new 10th gen Comet Lake-H Processors, and quietly they came in the top of the list in the series of latest 8 Core Processors. And with this addition of the new Comet Lake-H Processors, Intel has gained more advantage on the processor race with AMD on the mainstream laptop processors.

It was not long before we informed you about the new lineup of 11th Generation Intel Laptop processor Series, which will be launched in the quarters to come, looks like this value addition improves the score for Intel in the Laptop Processor Market.

The two Comet Lake H Processors are Core i7 10870H & Core i5-10200H with 14nm process, both come with inbuild Ultra High Definition Graphics from Intel, which means they are APUs and you will not need any extra graphics cards along with these processors to get video feed in your monitor.

Core i7-10870H Comet Lake-H Processor

The reason this processor came into the market early is that Intel was having difficulty in selling a mere number of Core i7-10875H processor, which was its predecessor. The all-new Intel Core i7-10870H Comet Lake H Processor is a bit low on power, but it has the same 8 generation core with 16 Threads like the i7-10875H model.


The new i7-10870H Comet Lake H comes with 1.2 GHz Ultra High Definition Graphics from Intel, Cache Memory of 16 MB, and support for 128GB DDR4 RAM of 2933Hz frequency. The performance of Core i7-10870H Comet Lake H Processor is expected to be similar to processors of nearby model numbers.

Core i5-10200H Comet Lake-H Processor

This chip was also made less potent than the previous model of Core i5-10300H Comet Lake H, keeping other parameters same. This processor is an excellent addition to the entry-level processor models for the budget users who don’t need high-end processors of i7 or i9 series.

The new Core i5-10200H Comet Lake-H Processor features a 4 Core 8 Thread model with 2.4 GHz Frequency and can be boosted upto whopping 4.2 GHz core frequency. Intel has listed the price of this Core i5-10200H Comet Lake H Processor in their official website as $250 Recommended Customer Price.

Intel Comet Lake-H Series

This Comet Lake-H Series of Processors are introduced by intel in the market with a sole purpose of getting upto 5 GHz Clock Frequency in laptop processors. So much higher clock frequency was not possible in any available processors so far, with any amount of overclocking. Although Laptop processors are not handy for overclocking, the highest boosted up processor frequency achievable till now as 4.6 GHz.

The official name intel gave to these series is Core-H processors, tech enthusiasts renamed them to Comet Lake-H Processors for their extreme performance opportunity. Since Second Quarter of 2020, there have already been numbers of processors out in the market, whose maximum turbo clock frequency is well over 5 GHz.

Best of the Best

The top model in the 10th Generation series of Laptop processors is the Intel Core™ Intel® Core i9 10900K Processor, just after core i9-10980hk, the crowned king of Intel Comet Lake-H Processors Lineup. This processor has ten dedicated cores, 20 threads, based clock frequency of 3.7 GHz, which can be boosted up to turbo frequency of 5.3 GHz, one of the best higher clock speeds. This processor also comes with Intel’s Inbuild Ultra High Definition Graphics Chip 630 model to showcase good gaming performances.


So far, Intel has aced over AMD in the department of laptop processors for its 10th Generation Comet Lake-H Processor Series, but still, to see what AMD reveals in their next series, will they beat Intel or not. From the latest trend, AMD is racing faster with AMD Ryzen than Intel nowadays. However, if we consider the whole scenario, Intel is still winning for a gross market share of Desktop Computer & gaming laptops .

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