Armari Magnetar X64T Creates a World Record with AMD as Worlds Fastest Workstation

Advertisement has officially recognised the Armari Magnetar Model X64T created a new SPECWorkstation version 3.0.4 world record On the 9th September, 2020.

When AMD released the 3rd Generation processors last year, the paved the field of high end desktop processors with its 16 core processor. The lineup received huge round of blows with many record breaking performances in the segment of high performance desktop processors.

So far, Intel was winning mostly all of the rounds before 2019, all changed in November 2019 where AMD launched Threadripper 3rd generation lineup of processor, specially the Threadripper 3990X with 3.5 GHz default frequency, which was a beast among them.

The sheer steep curve of performance, the 64 dedicated cores and the huge 288 mb cache, all added to feather the new crown of AMD, which never happened before. AMD defeated intel in High Performance Professional workstations where they didnt have much ground before.

Many new opportunities opened door before AMD, now they had the cheaper and mightier processing solution, better than Intel in all aspects. ARMARI was one of the early brands recognizing the opportunity and they made Magnetar Workstation Model X64T based on the SPECWorkstation Version 3 structure.

The X64T is custom made solution, with a FWL Cooling solution dedicated to make the processor cool even in high workload to get maximum performance from it. Thus, the AMD Threadripper 3990X can be overclocked upto 4.1 GHz with all 64 cores and still provide stable performance.

This huge performance boost is possible only for the FWL custom cooler which is available in Magnetar Workstation Model X64T only. Other aftermarket All-in-one coolers provide just enough cooling solution to run the processor smoothly, but they can not be trusted upon to provide cooling solution to this level.

“When testing the 64 Core Magnetar X64T workstation, we were astonished to discover it was 12x faster in VFX rendering than our older workstations and 4x faster than some of our newest workstations.”


– Jeremy Smith, CTO Jellyfish Pictures

Now we can see the performance comparison table below how much better is the Magnetar Workstation Model X64T than the other Workstations in performing different types of tasks.

In the chart above we can see that the Magnetar Workstation Model X64T blows all the other systems out of the water. The three machines that are compared here are the Magnetar Workstation Model X64T, D3488-A2 from FUJITSU and LENOVO ThinkStation model P920. The X64T has AMD 3990x processor whereas the other two has latest processor that Intel has to offer.

The three processors were tested with powerful GPU such as Nvidia RTX 6000, 8000 and Nvidia Quadro Model GT100 which has almost similar performances to make the testing as balanced as possible, but still Magnetar Workstation X64T triumphs with flying colors in almost all the tasks.

The one tasks it falls a little short is Financial Services Process, here LENOVO P920 wins for mere 1 point. But if we total the points for all three workstations, Armari Magnetar Model X64T gets a whooping 71.78 points to secure its rank as World’s Fastest SPECWorkstation. The other two models, FUJITSU D3488-A2 get  51.2 points whereas 49.55 point is allocated to LENOVO ThinkStation P920 in total for all processor tasks combined.

So far AMD was considered into one of the Highest Performing Server Processors but now it can be said as “the” best workstation processor for the category. This adds another gem in the crown of AMD who is snatching the ground below Intel for almost all the sectors now – Low end, medium & High end.

In desktop processor, AMD is already the favorite brand now, and then they got this world record, and will get into Mobile processor worlds soon.


Content & Image Source : Armari shatters the SPECWorkstation® V3 world record

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