Arm Electronics and Nvidia | Get Ready for Ultimate Supercomputer Race in 2021


A recent news from Financial times revealed the stock of ARM Electrics is being bought by Nvidia soon enough. They were accquired by a Japanese company called Softbank in 2016 with the cost of around 32 Billion US Dollars. Now Nvidia is buying ARM Electronics for 40 billion dollars. Nvidia will reimburse Softbank with their own shares for the 2016 purchase.

WHO ARE ARM Electronics

ARM electronics is the UK based company who are the main supplier of processor technologies to all the major processor manufacturers in the world. They do not make processor by themselves but they sell the technology that is required to make the processor for all the processor makers.

Nvidia ARM Acquisition

Nvidia and ARM Electronics collaborated before for making some technology for Data Processing centers, Automated Driving Cars and other smart devices, where heart of the processing technology work has been supplied by ARM and graphics has been done by Nvidia. But this type of complete Acquisition never have happened be fore.


Nvidia ARM – Bloomberg

It was Bloomberg news, the famous USA Television News company that reported Nvidia is having talks with ARM. It was back in 31st July when this news came to light, but nothing as such acquisition has been  confirmed by them or anyone else at that time. Now after 2 months, Nvidia Finally announced about this acquisition.


Nvidia ARM Server

Nvidia bought Cuda to ARM in 2019, in the process or incorporating ARM CPUs in their system. They are also looking to built a supercomputer based in the NVIDIA CUDA-X Artificial Intelligence System.

“Supercomputers are the essential instruments of scientific discovery, and achieving exascale supercomputing will dramatically expand the frontier of human knowledge,” said Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA

Nvidia ARM Processor

Although Nvidia does not have any dedicated CPU in hand with ARM Electronics, it might be high time for them to make one, after they acquire the top supplier of processor technology in the world. If they do, another major player in the world will emerge after Intel & AMD, and may be better than both, since ARM Electronics supplies technology to both of them.

Nvidia ARM GPU

ARM Electronics and others like  Fujitsu, Cray, Marvell, HPE, Ampere are teaming up to buy a Nvidia GPU that will power Supercomputers and Hyperscale Cutting Edge Computing with Artificial Intelligence. Nvidia has introduced reference of a Design Platform that will help the industry leading technology manufacturers to build ARM Based Servers that are accelerated by Nvidia GPU.

Nvidia ARM Reference Design

Nvidia announced in November 2019 that they will move to ARM based processor chips for their Graphics Processing units. For this they introduced a Reference design where the tech giants can work hand in hand to build the Hyperscale Cutting Edge technology. Nvidia GPU are one of the fastest in the world, and they are powering the fastest super computer in the world, ‘ORNL-4’ which is at Oak Ridge National Library, famously known by ‘Sumit’.

Nvidia is taking aggressive steps to make sure they are market leaders in processor industries, they are launching game changing Nvidia Geforce RTX 3090 series with some propitiatory technology. previously it was in Graphics Processor but now as they are buying ARM Electronics, we can expect them to be getting into Desktop or Mobile Processors soon.

And with the entry of Nvidia, not only they will give AMD & Intel a run for their money but also may become the leader for gaming processors in the year to come. To get more news on this, stay tuned with HWRig, your faithful source of getting Desktop Computer & Mobile processor news first.

Source : Financial Times, SoftBank set to sell UK’s Arm Holdings to Nvidia for $40bn, 12th Sep 2020



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